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To get support on rhizoTrak and file bug reports or feature requests, rhizoTrak offers various channels:

Image.sc forum

We support the image.sc forum. The forum has been established as a central place to discuss software-oriented aspects of scientific imaging, image analysis, processing, acquisition and management, particularly focussed on open source software tools.

You can post your questions and comments to the forum. Please tag your post with ‘mitobo’ or ‘rhizotrak’.

Github issues

More technical issues like bugs, feature wishes, or even pull requests can be addressed to us via our Github repository website:

Please note that you require a Github account to file issues on Github.


All news about rhizoTrak are also published on Twitter, simply follow @MiToBo_Hal.

You can also write an email to us for specific questions or comments:

We are looking forward to your feedback!